Meditation, health and your relationship with food.

You've heard it many times...meditation is good for you! The health benefits of meditation are clear: a stronger immune system (Barrett et al., 2012); enhanced attention (Slagter et al., 2007); lower blood pressure and reduced risk of heart disease (Schneider et al., 2009); lower anxiety and less depression (Marchand, 2012); as well as increased feelings of compassion and empathy (Farb, Anderson & Segal, 2012).

But did you also know that meditation practice has been linked to fewer binge episodes (Kristiller & Hallett, 1999); lower blood sugar (Paul-Labrador et al., 2006); improved sleep and better pain management (Nagendra, Maruthai & Kutty, 2012)? In other words, adding meditation to your routine can actually support an improved relationship with food, and help you manage your pain.

Don't worry. You don't have to sit for hours and hours in silence. Start out with just a few minutes (3-5) and see how it feels. Whether you sit quietly and watch your thoughts come and go, listen to music, or do a guided meditation using one of the many available apps (like Calm, Headspace, Insight Timer or others), the good news is, there is no one right way to meditate. Rather, the best style of meditation is the kind that you find easiest and most enjoyable.

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