Teen & Adult ADHD

Teen & Adult ADHD/Neurodiversity

"I have missed so many opportunities in my life." 
"I never feel good enough."
"I'm always a step behind at school."
"I seem to lose track of time, and that has caused so many issues in my relationships and at work."

Many times, our clients are people who are able to have success in several aspects of school, work, or personal life. Neurodiversity often comes with hidden anxiety and worries about others finding out how much they struggle.  

Adult ADHD can contribute to depression or anxiety and can impact relationships at home or at work. It also affects physical health by causing more difficulty sticking to routines (like regular exercise) or with organization (like that required for planning meals, going to doctors appointments, and more). 

Worry about being late, not getting things done, procrastinating, or feeling behind can be emotionally exhausting. We can help people ages 10+ to navigate these cycles with self-compassion and a plan. 

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