Serious Medical Diagnoses

Serious, complex, and/or terminal medical diagnoses

"Will I be okay?"
"What if I am not okay?"
"My whole life is consumed by doctors appointments."
"Why me?"

These are some of the statements we hear from our clients who are coping with a serious medical diagnosis or recovering from significant injury. If you feel afraid, confused, lost or angry, or you are consumed by "what ifs" and grief, then you are in the right place.

We work with people navigating serious and complex medical issues such as cancer, long Covid-19, stroke, burns, or neurologic, orthopedic, and organ transplants.

We will support you through your adjustment to your diagnosis so you can move forward with your daily life in the most fulfilling way possible. Some diagnoses will require significant life adjustments for the foreseeable future. Others will disrupt and upend everything that you expected.

It is also common for those who love you to struggle with your diagnosis as well. We offer individual therapy for you and/or for your care partner to help you navigate your medical journey.

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